[ about ]

{ irl } van/silver
{ who tf? } them/eux/multiverse personas
{ motto } “proudly altering the web with awkward pages since 1998” (fr/en)
{ mantra } “.kitties.dodging.milkshakes.”
{ tagline } “i maybe going the wrong weigh, but i tend to know where island”

{ core } what about a misanthropist with a twist ? diagnosed hypomaniac & zebra-multi-cosmic-braincelled individual, with a university degree in arts (but still glueing 2 pieces of cardbox together sometimes is tricky, and my cat eat all the tips of my brushes anyways).
used to write a lot for some webzines and did a lot of stuff. (a l-o-t).
getting bored easily is my middle name… and in the long run it’s pretty fair to say i’m no cheetah for maintaining a high level of creation & dedicated work. so let’s call it a pretty bad ad/hd syndrom, with mixed feelings towards the whole creativity process : )
yet, i’m a visual animal with a dilettante mind. spleen&ideal are my bffs. broken english is my native language and it suits me pretty much indeed (because nothing is broken beyond repair, imho). (i’m a native french speaker who has also a schizophrenic-language-disorder).

{ add-ons } i love (to death) babbling poetry & making erratic puns. i try to live my life as a part-time survivalist, auto-labelled ‘nsfwh’ (no strategy for whatever). and forever more. i’m a pagan stoner, head-in-the-clouds transhumanist, but once a buddhist-always a believer : )

{ universe } i travel from faraway (is)lands to non-binary & alternate realities like a nomad without a cause, and i’m the proud goddess of a vast imaginary continent somewhere between the lost island, lewis’ wonderland & gaiman’s neverwhere.

{ fiercely } addicted to collarbones, scars & darkness.

{ eye.candies } my world is full of strange dolls, japanesque memories, film-based toy-cameras, cyborgs & mechas, inks & writing, folding-bicycles, old photographs, loud music, murmurs & secrets places.

{ stereo } i enjoy vinyl LPs and k7 tapes. listening mainly to post-rock/indie/new-wave & electro music, but mingled with many others (wild) things in between.

{ favs) i embrace all that i can & cry so much for all i cannot. i’m an emotional sponge (or sucker) for everything that nourishes or attracts my volatile attention. if i were to resume how i genuinely feel about my life : it feels like sitting on 12 chairs in a multiverse of overwhelming sensations.

welcome to my world.
it’s messy as hell but it’s funnier than it looks.
and stranger (but still, fun) : )